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xxBO0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O00O0O0O0O0 O0O0O!!!!!!!!!

Well boo indeed! we are a bunch of useless bastards we are, in fact I'm booing myself right now. And even when I'm keeping my mouth shut I'm booing on the inside. Its a pain that never ends...

Some booing facts: That boo I did above contained 32 '0's which made it a rather big boo by most peoples standards, but not mine, in which it would only rate modestly.

I fucking hate people who put up 'under construction' signs on their websites, hence all the previous self-booing. That means that I therefore hate myself, which by inference makes me a goth and also probably means that I should like Morrisy.

This in itself raises an interesting paradox because I also fucking hate both Morrisy and Goths. However, as I have just deduced, I should in fact quite like them. Therefore, to recap: I hate myself, love Morrisy, hate goths, hate under construction signs, love Goths, hate morrisy and still hate myself even though I don't.
Good! now you can see why there was such a need for all the booing in the first place!

Anyway, enough of the bullshit! As you're here now you might as well check our some of the existing randomtown sites... They're guarenteed to be more interesting than this page is anyway...

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 My B3ta gallery

B3ta.com is a place where all the bored designers, artists and web developers come together to waste time and unleash their creative juices.

Over the years I have posted all sorts of crap on B3ta, here is a gallery of my best entries.

 Randomtown News

The RandomTown research team (of shaved monkeys) has been busy scouring the globe to give you all the biggest news stories.

Some of the stories are funny, but most are just plain wierd.

BONG! this is the news.


This site is dedicated to a mate of ours called Luke, he has an amazing ability to look like multiple famous at the same time without actually doing anything!
Sound interesting?... Why don't you have a gander!

 I've Had A Baby!

During the course of an average year you will be accosted by dozens of new mothers, all of whom wanting to show off their new baby to you. In this situation the normal response is to spill out a string of vague half-assed compliments until they eventually leave you alone and go pester somebody else....

Well here at randomtown it doesn't work like that! We tell them what we really think...

Due to IE being a bag of shit; this site is best viewed in Firefox


This site used to belong to my band... until they kicked me out that is.
Unfortunately for them, I still had all the passwords to the server, so I decided to fuck it up a little! Enjoy!


Stands for 'Read the f**king Manuel, A site dedicated to our late work colleague Manuel and the random utterances that came out of his crazed mexican mind.
Ever wondered what would happen if you locked Socrates up for a year and fed him nothing but hallucinogenic peppers? well now you get to find out!