This site contains excessive swearing, graphic images and disgusting descriptions of sexual depravity. So remember, you have been warned!

Also, I'd like to make a quick disclaimer: I've got nothing against gay people. what you guys get up to is your own business and not mine, so please don't take offense at some of the language used in this site. It's not aimed at you at all, its aimed at the guys in the band, and was an easy way to piss them off, that's all.

Now here's a quick history lesson to put this in context for ya:

This site used to belong to my band, in which I was the drummer. After over a year of faithful service, I was unceremoniously kicked out via a quick phone call from one of the other members. Apparently they'd been plotting behind my back for weeks and had decided to fuck me off.

Now this pissed me right off: It wasn't the fat amount of money I'd invested or the evenings I'd devoted to jamming, or even the numerous lunchtimes I'd wasted working on this site. It was the manner in which they'd done it. No friendly chats, no constructive criticism, instead they lied to me consistently that everything was going fine and then suddenly, out of nowhere BOOM! Fuck of PJ you're services are no longer required...

Unfortunately for them though, I still had FTP access to the site. So I did what any self respecting person would do: I enlisted the help of some of my web dev buddies and decided to fuck it up a little.

Sadly they've put up a new site now, so I can't show you how it's supposed to look. And also, like me Murphy's I'm not still bitter at them about it. I've got nothing against them now particularly. But that said, I thought I'd put this site up again for you guys to look at, purely for comedy value. So, now that you've been sufficiently warned and you and you're up to speed, let me proudly present to you, wanksteedmusic.com!