Shit Attempts At Music:

Dirty Ring Demo
Released: 15/11/2003
Produced By: Dale Winton
Price: 3:00
Track listing :
  • God I love a buggering (2:45)
  • Small Girls Good, Small Boys Better! (3:03)
  • The sounds of five finger fisting (2:49)
We all loved the rythmic moaning sounds that each other made during fisting, so we decided to record it for all you bummers. Two days of harsh, depraved, group manloving later and the Dirty Ring EP was ready to go!

In terms of track selection, we decided to go for some wanksteed old favourites: The sound of Ben grimacing as he takes a 13" carrot, the sound of all of us symultaneously climaxing all over mike's face, (if you listen closely you'll hear him giggling and licking it off afterwards!), and finally, you'll have the privalige of hearing Mark scream as his anal wall finally gives way due to a world record breaking 3 cocks and 5 fingers being rammed up it.

To purchase a copy please send an email to:
and cunt, cunt, bastard, cunt shitfuck wank!

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