Want to know where you can see us? 

Date: 01/04/03 - 10:00pm
At the dustbins behind Woolworths 
If anyone fancies being jumped on and then tied up and gang buggered, then this is the place to be!  We normally hide in dark alleys, looking for people to spread our bad aids to.  But if no-one shows up, we'll probably have to resort to sucking of the stray dogs that live there.  
Date: 15/04/03 - 12:30
Basingstoke Magistrates court
Following our arrest at wollworths we'll be putting in an appearence at the Basingstoke Magistrate's Court.  We're all obviously excited! think of all the brutal manraping that we'll recieve in prison! I love a rough cock I do!
Date: 23/05/03
Prison life is far better now, we've all got a 'butch' to look after us.  Mine's called Big Ron and he's promised to bring all his mates round tso that they can have a go at my ass! Spiffing!